Value added modules for any existing system


  • Rules based SMS
  • Automatically triggered
  • User configurable messages
  • Connects to existing system

PDA / Wireless

  • PDA or hand held wireless device interfaces for existing systems
  • Online & Offline mode


Human Resource

  • Resume (CV) database with search and reporting
  • Recruitment process
  • Organization structure, Job profiles and compensation
  • Performance Appraisals
  • Employee training, induction programs, rules & regulations
  • Relieving formalities and Exit interview
  • Integration with payroll


  • Designed and developed as per UAE labor rules & regulations
  • Payroll with options for job costing, flexible allowances / deductions
  • Employees & dependents document monitoring (passport, visa …etc)
  • Integration with time & attendance security system
  • Employee loan process
  • mployee leave application process
  • Automated data exchange with existing back office system

Time & Attendance

  • Company, Business Unit, Division and Department Setup
  • Flexible shift and master Setup
  • Company rules setup for logging absent, late, overtime pay, compensatory-off…etc
  • Holidays / week end time booking rules setup
  • Manual override of time booking with audit log
  • Automated data interface with payroll and accounts


  • Paperless document processing
  • Admin module to maintain document routing
  • Approvals / comments input
  • Security and access control as per job role


  • Online store front-end
  • Admin module to maintain content and transactions
  • Configurable sales process
  • Online payment gateway
  • Automated data exchange with back office system